Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Chicken Scratch

It has been a while since I updated you on the lives of our chickens! So much for my plan of writing a weekly post! But all is well in our little chicken family....I thought today would be a great day to show off our coop and my beautiful ladies! 

(The awesome coop my hubby built for me) 

We purchased our feeder and waterer, and I am so pleased with both of them. We hung the feeder from a wire from the ceiling, which keeps the chickens from scratching shavings into it and also keeps pest from getting in. The waterer is sat up on bricks so that the chickens cannot get shavings in it, they still get a few in but not nearly as many. I am so pleased with our new feeder and waterer. These little missies where so messy before and now they are trouble free. I like that. Alot. 

(this one is my favorite) 

(I set them on their roost board every day so they get the idea)

(the little group) 

(got cheek feathers?~she does! )

(my favorite part of this photo is the little grubby fist reaching in)

(little Mr. is sad because they just aren't as easy to hold as they used to be)

We have had one tragedy, one little chickie was more athletic than the rest and would routinely hop out of her box (which was in the bathroom) without problems, I never would have dreamed she might accidentally hop out of her box, into the toilet, and drown! Oh my goodness, the sadness! I felt like such a bad chickie Mommy! 

We still need to name our little girls, now that they are looking very different from one another I think the middle mister and I will need to get on that!