Saturday, May 7, 2011

Last Minute Mothers Day Gift!

I gave my Mom this gift last year for her birthday. It was really quick to put together and she loves it! (so she never know if you can trust a Mom to be honest with her children, lol)

I thought maybe someone out there was needing a quick Mothers Day Gift!

Here are the instructions:

Cut a 2x4 into sections.

Paint the base color.

Stencil, freehand, use vinyl, for the many options, all of them easy!

Lay the first board flat and then stack the boards with the writing on them and screw together using long screws. One section at a time. (So you would screw love to we, and then Nana to we, and then the bottom board to Nana)

Drill holes in the sides to insert your dowels - OR simply glue clothespins on the back. I would go with the clothespins route the next time.

Give to Mom (or Grandma) and let her insert cute pictures of her favorite kids!

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  1. I dom really like it. Look at all the cute grandkids.