Monday, May 2, 2011

Holidays for Everyday: May 3rd - May 16th

Tuesday May 3rd  -National Teacher Appreciation Day

How in the world can Teacher Appreciation Day be tomorrow and I have nothing prepared? Well anyways, I have looked on my list of go-to blogs for some cute and quick ideas and listed them below!

Click here to learn how to make this homemade hand scrub from Christy at Glitter to Gumdrops

Or this idea looks super simple and easy as well! LOVE IT! From Little Birdie Secrets!

And of course, every teacher my child has ever had tells me the gift they love the most has been a handwritten letter of appreciation! They deserve our words of appreciation!

Wednesday May 4th - National Weather Observers Day

What a fun holiday! Now I don't know any weather observers but I certainly know two little boys who would love to do some fun weather related projects!

Click here to go to learn how to make this handprint sun!

Thursday May 5th - National Day of Prayer and Cinco de Mayo

I am joining our other members of our community to pray for our town, our state and our nation on this day. I love the idea of a National Day of Prayer. As for a craft idea I am sure I will think of something.

As far as Cinco de Mayo, usually we go eat Mexican food but this year I think we will stay home and make our own feast. Maybe see if I can master my families enchilada recipe. I am the only one who can't make them successfully. I will post any tips that come up!

Friday May 6th - Space Day

Here's a link to a fun webpage made just for today!

Saturday May 7th - Join Hands Day and National Scrapbook Day

Join Hands Day is a day to make a difference in your community through helpful projects that connect youths and adults. It is an opportunity to reach out through volunteer organizations and to connect generations and develop new relationships.

National Scrapbook Day! What a great holiday to get together with your friends and scrapbook! Or at least take the time to put together a fun layout or two!

Sunday May 8th - Mothers Day and No Sock Day

Mothers Day is right aroung the corner. Have you gotten your gifts ready? Planned a special time to be with your Mom? Cards should be mailed soon to those people who you have to mail them to. These are questions that I need to answer early this week but I think we could all use the reminders.

On the other hand. Would your family be relieved if you actually TOLD them what you would like for Mothers Day? Would you be less dissapointed if you actually let them know you would prefer a Jo-Ann's gift card than a bouquet of flowers? My husband and I have struggled with this for years and every time he would ask me what I want I would say "oh anything" or "suprise me" or "if you had been paying attention you would know" and then he would be stressed out and I would be setting myself up for dissapointment. But I have found that being happy with a stress free husband is the BEST gift and not being suprised is NO BIG DEAL! Now I leave a few subtle or not so subtle hints and he and the boys love giving gifts to Momma that they know she loves! The boys still think they are suprising Mom though.

This same theory applies to what I want to do on special days, date nights and all sorts of other things. And yes my husband still suprises me but at least now he has a starting point! Some people may think my way of thinking is selfish but truely it is selfish to demand to be suprised and then not happy with what he picks out!

Monday May 9th - Lost Sock Memorial Day

Okay friends, you had to laugh a little when you read that right? I know I did, and I can think of a few things that would help those socks go out in style! Stay tuned for my Lost Sock Memorial Day post!

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