Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!


I hope every mother and every woman who isn't a mother but still touches other peoples lives (every woman), has a Mothers Day that is full of smiles! Full of fun! Full of the people who they love! And I hope that you get a little spoiled on this day and are shown appreciation and love! 

Thank you for reading my blog. I absolutely feel like being a mother is my calling from God and I love to pass on some of  the things we do. 

My family = My joy! 

(Photo taken by my lovely Mama) 

As I was reflecting on Mothers Day I can't help but feel extremely blessed. My mother is an angel, a saint, my hero and my bestfriend! She loves our family with her whole heart! She puts her job as Mother, Nana, Mother-in-law above everything else! She is a great example of motherhood and she sets the bar high for her two daughters to follow. 

(Photo taken by Brandon, I am sorry Mom I know this photo
is not one you would have picked out but trust me when I say it
was the best of the two of us) 

I love you Mom! 

And to show my LOVE I decided to get a little tattoo to prove it! 

(and now before you have a heart attack, please know that 
this is just an effect that is in Piknik, the photo program I now use!!!) 

And I need to share this story because it is super funny! I absolutely LOVE this dress, I got it yesterday for a date I went on last night with my hubby! Mom and I shopped and shopped . Today I wore it to church and was feeling sooooo girly! I went to grab up Michael my toddler to change his diaper and somehow the diaper came off and POOP got smeared all over my dress! What a mess! My mom was there and we had such a laugh over the joys of motherhood! 

This will be my last Mothers Day with a baby in diapers and I just couldn't help but laugh! 

Bonus! - photo of me before my date with the hubby! We went out for drinks to celebrate one of my best girlfriends birthdays! 

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