Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Q&A with my sister the chicken whisperer!

(Baby Chickens that were hatched in my sister's incubator)

There is a ton of information online about chickens, raising them, buying them, getting their eggs. I have found that sometimes too much information is exactly that, too much. Luckily for me my sister jumped into raising chickens a few years ago and I don't need to sift through all that info. I just ask her my questions and since her chickens produce lots of eggs and are happy I trust that she gives me good info!

(Little Fuzzy Butts)

I thought that someone might be able to use the info too, after all raising chickens is a rising trend. There are huge benefits too, the most obvious benefit of course is fresh eggs at a lower cost,  I won't say free because you have to feed them and buy shavings for their coop and of course build them a run and a coop, all of which costs money. However if you get enough chickens you can sell extra eggs and recoop some of that money. I got 7 to start with and maybe adding a few more later.I also have a goal to "pay back" my husband the money that the coop and run cost within the first year. No I don't need to "pay back" anything but I think it will be a fun goal anyways!

(Oh My! Look at those still wet baby chicks! Too Precious!)

Question 1: How much room do chickens need?

Chickens will need 4 square feet in the coop and about 8 square feet in the run. More is always better especially in the run. Babies just need a big box until about 3 weeks old.

Question 2: What do chickens eat?

Layer pellets after about 2 months and scraps of food from your kitchen. They love scraps but be sure to read up on the food they can't eat. Babies do best on medicated chick starter. Get the medicated kind it will save you lots of problems!

Question 3: What all do I need for my baby chicks?

Shavings, Chicken Feeder, Waterer, Reflector Heat Light, 100 wattt Lightbulb, and Chick Starter.

Question 4: How old are they when they start laying eggs?

About 3 months, give or take!

Question 5: What breeds are best?

Buff Orpington, Barred Rock, Ameraucana, Cochin, Turkin, are my favorite and then probably Austrolop, Brahmas, Wyandotte, Sussex.

My sister (the chicken whisperer) blogs at and  if you have more chicken questions one of our favorite chicken sites is

(Sweet Little Yellow Peeps :)


  1. Raising chicks sounds like fun. We used to live on an abandoned farm previously owned by my grandparents. When they moved, they left the chickens with us for a while. I was very small, so I don't remember them well except I enjoyed watching them in their pens. Have fun and good luck in reaching your goal of "paying" your husband back.

  2. Okay, first I have to tell you I hope you have a wonderful time with your chickens. I am so glad that you are enjoying them. Now, you don't give them layer pellets until they they start to lay and 2nd they lay about five months, not three. Sorry, hopes this doesn't bum you out too badly!