Monday, April 11, 2011

TCT #1 - Fuzzy Chick Magnet (and a freebie if you are quick)

TCT? Yeppers! Another one of my days of the week themes that I am going to try! Toddler Craft Tuesday! I have a busy busy busy little man who is getting into trouble more often than not! So I am going to try to do more crafts with him and hopefully share my ideas here on my blog!

This idea was found here at Fisher Price although I tweaked it to fit what I had on hand!

First I cut out the chicks using my cricut at 5.5 inches, I used the Animal Kingdom cartridge. Using the shadow feature makes it easier for the little guy to not break the chickies legs off!  I cut up the yarn in advance while he was in bed although I quickly realized how good he is with scissors this week and next time I will have him cut the yarn himself! 

 The next day during one of our "Mommy and Mikey" times he assembled! Fun and Easy! We are learning about ovals so I drew a oval on the belly of the chick and asked him to put glue in the oval and pat the yarn down. It was so fun to watch him assembling and say "pat pat yarn" "pat pat yarn"! So cute! I glued magnets on the back so that they could be displayed on the fridge.

I asked Mikey which chick he wanted to give to Nana, he shook his head, I asked him again, shook his head, finally I said, well do you want to give any away or keep them all? He said this one is for POPPY and this one if for Emmy! I guess Nana is out of luck, good thing she lives with Poppy so she can have a cute baby chick on her fridge!

We also played in the beans lots this week. Such good practice with "measuring" and using those fine motor skills! And of course my little man is darling in the following bean pictures!

***If you would like your child to receive some fun mail, leave me a comment saying how many little kids you have. I will send out a kit with the cutouts and yarn and some fun stickers to the
first two comments! I realize that this is not a large giveaway but all kids love to get mail.***

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