Thursday, April 28, 2011

Simple, Easy May Day Baskets!

These little baskets can be used for many many things! I am using them as May Day baskets for my sons teachers, Sunday School teachers and nursery attendants. I need 8 all together and so far have 4 made.

What you need -

1 square sheet of paper, I used a 12x12 piece of cardstock but a 9x9 square piece would work as well.
Paper squares 1/2" smaller than the squares on your paper, mine were 3.5"
Glue stick

Score and fold your paper into 9 squares, this is easier if you have a paper cutter that has a scoring blade but totally possible if you do it by hand. The lines show you where the paper is folded.

Cut (see the picture, the squiggly lines are where you cut)

Fold each section so that your paper bends nice

Decorate the outside squares, I just used decorative paper but you could get as fancy as you want

Bring up the sides (once again, see photo)

Using a hole punch or a sharp pair of scissors punch a hole through the three squares where they intersect. (I used my crop-a-dile but on the first basket I just used scissors to poke the hole through)

Poke a brad through the three layers plus one side of the handle.

Repeat on the other side.

Line basket with tissue paper, insert a pony pack of flowers and you have a darling May Day basket!

Happy May Day my friends!


  1. These are sooo cute :) (I even got on internet explorer to let you know that ;) For some reason this type of comment box won't work for firefox for me.)

  2. I loved my may basket you made and the cute little boy in my Sunday School gave me. Thank you and him so much.

  3. How sweet that you remember Sunday school teachers! that's rare! lovely gifts!!

  4. Cute basket! Thank you for the tutorial :0)