Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Chicken Diary - Week 1

Saturday - Day 1:

We picked up our chickens today! D& B farm store was absolutely packed with people looking at baby chicks today, I would highly recomend going during the week to pick up your baby chicks, for sure we will be next time. The gentleman that waited on us was ancient, no lie, and could barely hear me, he was also pretty short tempered. I do not blame him, there were kids hanging into the bins of chickens, and they were touching them, poking them, and such. All while there parents watched. (insert frowny face here!) I am proud of Michael (2) he peered into each bin but never tried to touch the babies or climb inside like we saw one little girl trying to do.

Sunday - Day 2:

This morning when I woke up I found that my little darlings had kicked shavings into the waterer causing the water to flood out and soak all their bedding. Also the mini muffin tin that I was using for their food was full of shavings.

When I went to pet them, pick them up, love them, they all acted like I was the big scary wolf. So I watched them for a while and then changed the box they were in, elevated their waterer so it was harder for them to kick shavings into and found the actual feeder that I was given for them. Much better!

My heart stopped when I checked on them after lunch, I didn't hear any peeping so I checked their box and they were all laying on the ground with their necks stretched out, I thought they were dead until one opened her eyes and starting peeping at me, then they all jumped up an started in a little peeping chorus!

Monday - Day 3:

I heard no cheeping sounds this morning when I went to check on the little fuzzy butts, they were all curled up sleeping! Too cute! The little stinkers had flooded their waterer AGAIN and soaked all their shavings! So once again I had to move them into a new box home, I don't mind moving them at all. I love them having a fresh home to run around in but unfortunately it takes a while to warm that new home up and so the little fuzz balls get quit cold for a while! And what a loud chirping they make when they are cold!

Tuesday -Day 4:

Oh my! My babies are growing! No flooding of the shavings last night and they are not kicking shavings in their food as much! I can't believe how big they are getting. Slow down little babies! I am anxious for eggs but not anxious for the little fluff balls to lose all their cuteness! Like my sister suggested I am trying to acquaint them with the dog but she acts like she is about one second from biting their little heads off whenever I introduce them. Scary!

Wednesday - Day 5:

Babies got Tail! Oh yes! There little tail feathers sprouted while I was gone! I can't believe those little fuzzy butts that were round as bouncy balls now have little tail feathers sprouted out of them! Honestly I have learned a great lesson from my chickens already, Life goes too fast, babies grow up too fast, and you absolutely MUST delight in every day because it will fly away much too soon!

Thursday - Day 6:

Stinky, stinky, time for a new box today! Its amazing how overnight they develop a stinkiness! They also need a larger box with higher sides, the little devils are almost flying over the edge! I think that Michael is the most enthralled with him and I have started to wonder how I am going to keep him out of the chicken coop once they go out there. Hmmm....regular locks don't work well with this guy so I will need to figure out something!

Friday - Day 7:

Chickies are still doing good, they are starting to be really active! Their new box is huge and I think that is a good thing as they are almost flying, they sure aren't quiet very often!

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  1. Cute little chickies! I'm also on LC Valley Mom's FB and your newest follower!

  2. Oooooh, HOW EXCITING!!! I would love love love to have chickens. So curious to see how it goes for you guys. :)

  3. I want chicks, they are so stinkin cute.
    What an exciting addition to your family.

    Cha Cha

  4. How about a chickie update? You know I live vicariously through you. So please?