Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hey Mister Easter Bunny! (A note for my husband)

Hey darling Easter Bunny! I have been such a good girl, I cook you carrots, and make you carrot cake, I am in a hoppy mood most of the time, and while we haven't exactly mulitplied like rabbits, we have three handsome young bunnies, I take great care of our little bunny hut and I hope we are hopping hoppily ever after for a long time to come! could put any of these in my basket and I would be very hoppy!

I know my special somebunny is thinking Scentsy and that would make me very happy indeed! So I thought I would help him out and make a post of some of my favorites!

(Hmmm....dreamy! Imagine this with different colored ribbons tied around the top for different holidays or seasons!)

(I love the rustic look of this one! Would go perfect with my home!)

(Very traditional looking, I really like this one too!)

My favorite yummy scent is Welcome Home. Oh man, it would be welcoming to come home to a house that smelled so good!

And here is another idea! Right now Clinique is having their Bonus Days sale! You know how I love a good freebie with purchase. Well you simply can't beat Clinique at that game. And just think of all that free swag you could put in my basket if you hopped on in and bought me some foundation, which I always need by the way!

With much love, Mrs. Easter Bunny

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  1. Hold on, my husband is supposed to get me an Easter gift? No one gave him the memo!