Tuesday, April 19, 2011

TCT #2- Pipecleaner Butterflies (2 kits up for grabs)

First of all let me say that I would love to show some adorable pictures of my sweet little boy making these butterflies with me. However, that would require my little boy being sweet yesterday during Mommy and Me time and yeah he had other plans. Moving forward.......

My little mister loves to string pony beads on pipe cleaners, so I thought of this little butterfly to make something pretty and spring like out of the activity. Where it all fell apart for me is when I asked him to count out ten beads and THEN string them on the pipecleaner.

Step #1:  Fold your yellow pipecleaner in half, about an inch down start twisting the doubled up pipecleaner, curl the straight ends around a pencil. This is the antennas and body.

Step #2: Have your kids string some pony beads onto a pipecleaner.

Step #3: Wrap one end of the pipecleaner around the top of the body, shape like a butterfly wing and wrap the other end around the lower end. Repeat with the other wing.

You can attach magnets or wire or simply fly them around the room.

***If you would like your child to receive some fun mail, leave me a comment saying how many kids or grandkids you have. I will send out a kit with the supplies and some fun stickers to the first two comments! I realize that this is not a large giveaway and that you probably all have pipe cleaners and pony beads :) but all kids love to get mail.***


  1. Love this sweet idea. :)I have 3 kids :)

  2. I just posted above lol my email address is rain474@hotmail.com sorry my computer being weird

  3. Great idea Kell, you don't have to send my monkeys anything though.

  4. Looks like so much fun! We have a bunch of left over beads from a princess party, so now I'm off to get pipe cleaners.

    Stopping by from sundae scoop!


  5. Oh, I am doing a butterfly week this coming week w/my girls & love this idea! We have tons of beads & pipe cleaners so YAY!

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