Tuesday, April 26, 2011

TCT #3 Turtle Puppet - 2 kits up for grabs!

Two things make crafts popular with my two year old, glue and scissors! This cutie pie includes both so it was successful!

I cut the turtle out twice with the cricut, using Animal Kingdom cartridge in advance, set him down with the scissors and dark green paper and let him go to town cutting it up.

Then he randomly glued the small pieces onto the turtles shell. It is late and I am cracking up over the fact that I just said my two year old randomly glued....he is two, how else would he do it!

He I then glued a googly eye onto him and a popicle stick and now he (the turtle and the toddler) is prancing around the living room! So cute, so fun, so EASY!

And just so you know how talented my son really is...here he is balancing a pair of scissors on his toe....lol!

Since we are learning about ovals, we also painted with Easter Egg halves this week (the kind that split long ways).

Daddy has pretty much banned the bean playing for now! After he found the box dumped throughout the house one morning while he was on daddy duty! That is ok, the weather has been nice and little man has spent much time in the sandbox.

***If you would like your child to receive some fun mail, leave me a comment saying how many kids or grandkids you have. I will send out a kit with the supplies and some fun stickers to the first two comments! I realize that this is not a large giveaway but all kids love to get mail and all Moms love a "keep the kids busy activity"***


  1. I have one beautiful baby girl..almost 2 who would love this! Also I love your profile!

  2. I have 2 grandkids that would love to make the turtles. There are others but I think just the 2 that would take great interest and do it to their best ability!!

  3. Thank you so much for linking up to my party! You have such a fun blog!

  4. what a fun turtle! Love that your boy has such strong toes, lol!

    Thank you for linking this craft to the Sunday Showcase! See you this Sunday! :)