Monday, April 25, 2011

Holidays for Everyday: April 25th - May 2nd

Are you like me and take a big sigh of relief after every holiday? As a Mom the pressure is really on to make the holidays special for our kids. Wait! What am I talking about? What I meant to say is for our kids, our husbands, our families, our friends, our churches, our students our............fill in the blank. As woman we have expectations put on us to go all out and make sure everyone has a "perfect" holiday. Whether our families put those expectations on us or we do it to ourselves it sure can be hectic and stressful and lets face it sometimes after the holiday we are filled with let down and dissapointment. That is no fun! But guess what?

Pretty much every....... is a holiday of some kind. And best of all, no one expects us to celebrate these holidays so they can remain simple and fun! I love the fact that each day we have a chance to do something special with our kids. Of course we can't have a celebration every single day but we can enjoy as many days as we can and if we are needing some inspiration these can be an excellent starting point. I hope to do this every week and I hope that someone is inpsired to celebrate a "simple" holiday with BIG fun for their families!

April 25- National Crayola Day

- This would be a great time to do melty crayons! Learn how at Bits of Everything.

- Recycling old broken crayons to make new ones in fun shapes would be fun too. I first saw this idea at a pretty cool life.

-And if you don't want to mess with that project I thought the blog Going Green had some great info.

April 26- National Pretzel day

-Have you ever made homemade pretzels with your kids? Sooo good! I will post the recipe later today.

-Dipping store bought pretzels in chooclate and sprinkles is also a fun thing to do.

April 27- Tell a story Day

- What a fun family activity during dinner. Have you ever tried doing a round robin story with your kids? One person starts the story with a sentence or two and then everyone takes turns adding a sentence or two.

April 28- Poetry Reading Day

-We have several poetry books and I will be asking each member of our family to pick their favorite short poem to share with our family!

April 29- National Shrimp Scampi Day

-Oh yummy this might be my new favorite day of the year!

April 30- National Oatmeal cookie day
April 30- Raisin Day

- Oh my yum! Do these two days go together or what! Oatmeal Raisin cookies please!

May 1- May Day

-I will be showing how to make simple May Day baskets on Wednesday. All you need is a sheet of cardstock! I always mean to do May Day baskets with my kids and then never do it. This year I am planning ahead and I will!

- If giving away real flowers won't work this year how about a cookie bouquet?

May 2- Brother/Sister Day
May 2- Sibling Appreciation Day

-These are pretty much the same holiday so I am including them both. I think the boys will make cards for each other. Maybe even small gifts if I can come up with something for them to make. Or let the kids come up with their own ideas for how they want to show love to their siblings! They might suprise us!

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  1. Love this post! And i so know what ya mean!

    Loved reading about all those other "holidays"

    thanks for sharing.