Monday, March 28, 2011

This blog is changing with the seasons!

First of all it really suprises me that I still have any "followers". It is fun to have followers but what it really tells me is that people don't edit out their read lists very often! LOL! If anyone does happen to be reading this thank you! Sister this means you!

I love blogging, it is fun, it makes me feel as though I can pinpoint what I do all day, I really love the comments that sweet people leave me when I have done a good job and the encouraging ones when I am having an off day!

However, blogging takes time, it isn't that I have stopped crafting, or baking, or party planning, or decorating! But somewhere betweeen taking the pictures and writing the words and hitting the upload button I get lost. Lost in the tunnel of "Is it good enough land? ". And when that happens I feel as though it would better off to just not post. But that makes me sad and discouraged. So I am taking "Is it good enough land" off of my map!

Believe me it will be challenging and there will still be times when I don't post. But I hope to get back in the habit of posting regular posts that will be interesting and useful for you and therapuetic for me!

Another thing I need to say! Whew, it feels good to get all this off my chest and outta my head! Up until now most of my posts have been about crafting. Which is a huge part of who I am! However, I am also a Christian mother, a gardner, a woman who is leaning towards self sufficency, a wannabe chicken owner, and a future beekeeper! Plus there is much more of me! So I will be posting topics on those topics too!

And now after all these WORDS I will leave you with a cute picture! Wait for  the next post where you will find out what he is thinking about so intently!

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  1. you gotta do this for YOU. blog for YOU before anyone else and it will always be good. :) thanks for stopping by friend! :) xoxo