Sunday, February 21, 2010

So Lucky To Have Each Other!

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Now for the project I want to show you!

Yes, Indeed we are lucky to have each other! I am so blessed by my Family! And here is a little craft idea to showcase just that! My Mom was getting ready to burn these scrap 2x4's when she thought "Hey I bet Kelly could use those!", and she gave them to me, and I am so glad! They are pretty self explanatory but I will share with you how I did the lettering. First up I made a pattern on the computer. Sometimes it can be tricky to get a letter to print out just the way you want it, for instance I wanted my letters to take up almost the whole block, but if they were long enough than they were too wide.  Or vice versa. But I have a little trick to share,...

First Up: Open a Microsoft Publisher Blank Document

*** Insert A Text Box (It doesn't matter what size at this point)
***Type Your Letter for example I typed L (make it fit the box as best as you can)
***Right Click on the text box and "Save As Picture"
***Delete Text Box
***Click Insert, Picture, From File, then click on the name of the text box you just saved as a picture
***You can now crop your letter so that there is very little text box around it
***This will enable you to size your letter appropriately for your project, without having tons of white space around it.
***Now you can size your letter, stretching it any  way you want.

This tip really does make a difference when you want to stretch letters out, to be tall and skinny or short and wide.

I printed my letters and saying out and then used carbon paper to transfer them over. The only thing I can say is use tape. Especially if your letters are a tight fit! I traced my letters out not being too careful. I wanted my project to have a freehanded look but I didn't want to actually freehand it! After the letters were traced, I thinned some green paint with a little water and just filled in the letters. So easy! I gave them 2 coats. You will notice that my letters look old, like maybe I just chopped up an old fence post and wrote out my letters. This is how I do that look, and I know there are gobs of posts about this in blogland and on the internet but my way is a little diferent. I am too lazy to use stain. I don't like drying time I don't like worrying about things being perfect so I use Old English furniture polish. I just sanded the edges and swiped the blocks with a rag dipped in the polish. It gives them a lovely patina!

Originally I was going to stick wire in the tops of these to attach pictures of my family, and I still might but I love them as is for now!

Thanks for looking!


  1. What a cute idea. Thanks for sharing with Made it Monday! Jules

  2. Super cute!! I am going to try something like this.

  3. this is SOOOO cute! I made a wreath for St. Patty's day (my only S.P.D. decor) but this would be so cute to go along with it!

  4. That's a great tip about using the Old English!!!
    Really cute craft too!

  5. Those are super cute! I love that saying

  6. So cute! I also craft during the midnight hours...LOL
    Thanks for stopping by and saying Hi! I'm a follower, now too. Love the Equal Valentine, too!

  7. very cute! makes me wish i was irish :) thanks for stopping by my blog. try out my tip and report back if it doesnt work! Ill send you a full refund ;)

  8. Very cute! Thanks for stopping by and saying Hi. I'm a new follower also.

  9. Looks cute! Thanks for the reminder to start breakin' out the St. Patty's day stuff!


  10. Cute! Perfect for St. Paddy's day. Thanks for sharing it the POPP.

  11. Kelly,
    Love the twist at the end. Very fun and cute. Love the simple reminder.
    happy crafting,

  12. These are so cute, if only I were crafty too. Anyway, thanks for visiting and keep on sparkling. :)