Friday, February 5, 2010

Little Touches...The Crayon Basket

Little Touches….

Sometimes all it takes is a little touch here and there to make a big difference in your home. The other day I was commenting to my hubby man about how cluttered I thought our house was getting. We started talking about our #1 hotspot, the little counter that divides the living room from the kitchen.

And then he said, Well we just need someplace to put those crayons and throw the rest away. I was astonished when I found out that he was right! Mischievious Mike refuses to leave the crayons alone. Yet they need to be kept in the dining room so that we can use them for school projects. Hmmmm….. Way up high in our dining room I have a collection of stuff that I have spray painted black. Up there would be the perfect spot to put the crayons. I can reach them but no way can MM, at least not yet! I pray that day is far in the distance. Anyways I went a searching for the perfect basket, and by perfect I mean any ugly basket that I could spray paint. Meet Ugly Basket….

All spray painted up……………..

Then I hotglued some burgundy ribbon around it and painted a little scrapbook tag the same color as our walls and wrote crayons on them with a sharpie! Ta da! A beautiful, functional little touch that made a big difference!.


  1. Love it! Amazing what a little spraypaint can do, no?

  2. A another good idea! Don't leave a step stool out or you know who will have it.

  3. so much cuter than my left over Halloween and Easter baskets that house ours