Friday, February 12, 2010

Hanging up my SUPERMOM cape for the night!

Yes, every night before a big holiday , yes I consider the homeschool group Valentines Day Party a major holiday,  I do this. It is 2:45 in the morning here and I am still awake trying to finish up some valentines for two little boys who couldn't care less. Well I take that back, they care that there is candy involved. Sometimes we get so busy trying to be SUPERMOM that I think we lose sight of what is important.  And yes by we, I really mean I. So I piped all these initials out of chocolate, layed them carefully in baggies and put on cute toppers. That was just a couple of hours ago. I just went to gather them up and oh look one is broken, and another, and another, and another, nothing too major yet, just a little crack, a little chip, or in my sister's case her whole letter is broken in half and laying there sad. So what am I gonna do. Babies don't sleep in just because Mama was silly enough to stay up late, so I think that I will go to the party and play it off as, oh I am so sorry that your letters got broken, and yours, and yours and yours, what those aren't even your initials, so sorry! And blush to make it look like I had no clue, maybe that will work, oh wait, I think that everyone that will be there reads this blog! I AM SO BUSTED!

Sorry girls, I am not SUPERMOM, I just wear the cape and play dressup from time to time.


  1. Sleep is definitely more important - the other moms understand this too! I'm sure they'll love your chocolate creations, broken or unbroken. :)

  2. Dido! I did the smae thing all along thinking to myself, I am nuts! But, truth be told i do it because I like it. And if the kids get excited about passing them out fine. But I really do it because I like to ceate.