Monday, March 22, 2010

New Desk Accessories

So I have had these desk organizers for years, they used to be boring oak colored. I don't have before pictures because I was too excited to get painting and couldn't find my camera! I spray painted them matte black and then scuffed them up to look old. Then I glued some scrabble tiles on to spell out "Read" and "File". I almost used Tile letters out of my own Scrabble game but then thought better of it and bought some at a craft store! Maybe if they are pretty than I will be more tempted to actually use them versus just piling things on my desk.

I am thinking of making the second piece into a charging station for the cell phones and such.


  1. these are so cute, love that you added the scrabble tiles!

  2. I've got a few stacks of paper that need something like this! Don't you just love painting over things to make them new again? It looks really good, and great idea with the scrabble tiles!