Monday, March 1, 2010

Making a Full Recovery!

And no, I am not talking about recovering a piece of furniture! LOL!

This Sunday morning landed me straight into the ER with uncontrollable pain in my throat. I truly thought I might die if I had to eat, drink, or breathe. That breathing thing, well, turns out it is kind of important. The doctor looked me over and said well nothing looks too bad but your blood pressure is pretty elevated so something must be wrong. It is then that my husband looked at him and with a straight face said "Find something wrong with her and fix it", "before it kills me!" Thanks honey! So the doctor did a strep test and yep it was positive! Now here is the thing, he gave me two pain pills, and as I laid there waiting for the test to come back, they did NOTHING, nothing to ease the pain at all. So then he gave me a anti-flamatory shot and still it did very little to ease the pain. But eventually it started to ease and I got to go home, I spent all day laying on the couch and taking my pills, sleeping, eating popsicles, taking some more pills, the pain was unbearable. This morning when my hubby woke up I was in the fetal position on the couch and crying. He called the doctor back and told him that while noone knows why this is hurting me so badly I was not going to make it through the day without some more pain medicine. (He only gave me enough for one day.) So to make a long story a little shorter this time, the kind Doctor told me to take Motrin with the new pain meds and wahlah I feel like I just might live!

Of course, the pain medicine makes me nauseated and sleepy and itchy,:

Friday: Getting sick, had too much other TEENAGER stress to deal with to care much
Saturday: Knew I had something wrong with my throat but thought I would deal
Sunday: Headed to the ER at 7:00 am, slept most of the day
Monday: Better, and will be crafting again soon! I have not crafted anything in days and the only thing in this house that I have fluffed happens to be my pillows!

So I hope that eventually soon I will be back to my normal self again soon. I have missed bloggy land so very much!

Is it normal to have strep hurt this badly? I am not a fan of pain but I usually handle it pretty well.


  1. Oh dear, I hate to hear you hurting so badly! I haven't had strep in a few years, but I remember it as pure evil. I really hope you start feeling better, and if you still hurt badly, and KNOW something is just not right, go to another doctor and see what he/she says. No one knows ourselves like we do! (Motrin with the pain meds, who would have thunk it?!?)

  2. Strep throat is horrible and it sounds like you had a whopping case of it. I hope you continue to feel better very quickly. It's miserable being sick!

  3. Hi, I'm new to your blog and have really enjoyed browsing through your projects. I'm always on the lookout for fun and not too complicated ideas to work on with my kids. Hope you feel better soon - strep is like a searing knife. It's the worst.