Friday, March 19, 2010

Blog Swap with Making The World Cuter!

Today I am blog swapping with Tiffany from Making The World Cuter! I am so excited to have her over here and so excited that this is my first blog swap! She has tons of adorable projects so hop on over there and check her out! Thanks Tiffany for stopping by today!

Hi you cute Sparkly Readers!
So fun to be here over at Kelly's place!

I'm Tiffany, you can call me Tiff.
Here I am with my hot hubby, who makes me smile every day.
Here are my 3 stinkin cute kids that make me happy and crazy all at once, and we are having another this fall.
We live in a fun little town in Southern Oregon, where my hubs is going to school. I take pictures on occasion, and as soon as I am done with this morning sickness, I plan on taking lots more. I have a little photography blog as well. Pumpernickel Buttons.
If you've never been over to Making the World Cuter;
Here's a little glimpse of what goes on...
  • Monday-Making the World Cuter Mondays-a linky party for you to show off all the cute things you have made in the past week
  • Tuesday-Toot Toot Tuesdays-Where I share a new, usually on the cheap, tutorial to make something crafty and fun.
  • Wednesday-WooHoo Wednesdays-Sometimes we'll have giveaways, sometimes a yummy recipe, sometimes a bonus crafty something...always something fun!
  • Thursday-Three things Thursdays-Just a day to share three things that have been going on, or talking about my three "things" or whatever.
  • Friday-Friendly Friday-Your looking at it! Swapping with the fun and cute blogs all over the place and having a blast making new friends! :)
Here are a few of my tutorials that I have shared recently...

Easy towel poncho (it's still cold here, so my son wears it watching movies in his jammies-can't wait for summer!)
Make your own blocks (I love to make these sets up for birthday and baby shower gifts!)

This wreath (using salt dough to make buttons, and just things I had around the house, this wreath was practically free!)
And finally these EASY napkin rings, (these are free, as long as you have a cardboard tube, a hot glue gun and fabric scraps of any kind!)
Thanks so much Kelly!
Thanks for making the world a little sparklier!
Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

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