Saturday, February 8, 2014

Dump Treasures

Oh how I love a good sale, it is a great feeling to score something really amazing at a great price! Whats better than that? Getting it for Fer-eee (free)!

Our town dump has a little area called the "Clear Mart" - it really is my favorite store! My husband always knows I am in the mood to score some great junk  treasures when I offer to go to the dump with him. Sometimes these items cost a dollar or two but today I found four great things for free! 

My husband is NOT a fan of my dumpster diving...even if it is in the "Clear Mart" and not actually in the dumpster. (He has NO vision.) The first find was an easy one,  I spotted it while sitting in the truck as he unloaded the garbage. 

A great mailbox! I have BIG plans for this mailbox to be a part of my mailbox wall that is one of my visions for my entry way. 

This is the only thing I got on the first round of dump wars...........

I also spotted this super cool chair that clearly is screaming to be my first reupholster project. 

Hubby said no......

I put on my best pouty face and told him as he was driving away that he knows he has no powers against my pouty he turned around. 

At first he told me that it was unsteady, then he laughed and told me that it was just because it was on the gravel. What a joker he is.....

Then I spotted this perfectly cute flower pot and wreath! Clearly gems just waiting to be cleaned up and adored. 

On the way out of the dump he said "My pickup just decreased in value by putting this crap in it!" What a fun day we had.

Here is a little before and after of the wreath. Don't let the picture on the left fool you, those fake flowers looked much worse in real life, oh and that is not the chair we got. He had already tucked it up in the loft of the shop before I got home from an errand! He really didn't want it laying around! :)

I pulled the fake flowers off and lightly sprayed it with white spray paint. Now it is hanging sweetly on my cabinet door!

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  1. Hasn't the Hubby learned by now not to resist you and your visions? Can't wait to see how you redo your chair. I've got a set of 4 that I need to start fixing as well.