Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Woeful Wednesday's #1 - Little boy blue, I am done nursing you!

Woeful Wednesday is a new little concept that I thought of while wiping down the bedroom doors in our hallway today. Every week has a little blue, a little sad, a little frustration, a little, well, WOE! I don't believe in letting ourselves wallow around in gloominess or to complain too long, too often or about too many things. BUT. I do think a little venting now and then is a good thing. Especially if you have a glass of whine, errr... wine in one hand and a friend sitting close by. Sometimes though it helps to blog about frustrations, oh, it could be anything, kids, house, sewing projects that don't turn out quite right! I am hoping that by sharing our frustrations, we can gain some insight, some inspiration or just get something out of our head!  I am going to make this a linky party so if you want to add your own woe inspired blog post you sure can. And if it is just me, well that is okay, I like some alone time! ;0)

My woe for today is all because of my sweet cheeks. You can see his darling little grin below.  

This picture was taken back in January and not only has he gotten more adorable, (I know hard to believe that is possible right?) but he has gotten ALOT more demanding and bossy. Only when it comes to one subject though, nursing. Michael is 21 months old, and to be blunt and honest, MOMMY IS TIRED OF NURSING YOU KIDDO! You have had teeth since your 5th month. You started walking at 9 months, you ate solid food way before that, you swim, you ride a tricycle, you jump out of your crib, you wrestle with your brothers, for goodness sakes, you can HIT A BASEBALL! So whats the deal, schmeal?

My 8 year old weaned himself on his first birthday, for real, last nursey during the party and that was that. I expected the same thing with this one, but no here we are 9 months after this and we still NEED mommy milk at least 5 times a day.

When I went to scrapbook retreat in January and was gone for 3 days I thought, this is it! We will be done when I get back. WRONG! Then I went on a church convention and was gone for 4 days in April, and I knew we would be done when I got back, WRONG AGAIN. The first thing he did when I walked in the door was grab his boppy and pat the chair for me to sit down. Oh boy! That boppy got hidden away in a closet first thing.

Michael is adorable and when those big blue eyes are staring into mine and he is saying, pease mommy, while patting the "nursing chair" it is mighty hard to resist, especially when he says, tank ewe, that is "thank you" for those of you not fluent in 1 year old speech! lol But more often than not these days I am being used for a binky, and he tugs hard, and I am not only not enjoying this anymore but it is making me tense and crabby with the whole family. I feel like I have done my mommy duty + and enough is enough. He can cut his own meat for goodness sakes, not that we let him have a knife but he sneaks one from someone else now and then.  

So when he starts the nursey, whine, dance, and routine I first try to get him a drink, then I try to feed him, thinking he must be hungry. But if those don't do the trick and they often don't I try to spend some one on one time with him thinking he must be needing some Mommy time. Often thought these don't work and so I nurse him. And it is driving me crazy.

Today I woke up with resolve, one nursey before bed and that is that. I am the mommy and I am in control.....or so I keep telling myself. After all he can't open the closet door yet and I can always go hide in there with a diet coke and some m&m's.

What has been bugging your mind lately, anything good?

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