Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sweet Treats for Dad! A last minute Father's Day gift!

If you haven't done it yet now is the time to create something special just for dad! I am putting together a couple different things for my husband and Dad this year. This first one is simple, easy, fun, and definitely heartfelt! Can't beat that combination!

Step 1: Gather different treats, (candies, nuts, etc....) that Dad likes. Don't forget some mini candy bars. I bought mine from the dollar store and I only spent $13.00 on the goodies for BOTH gifts.

Step 2: Find a container that you can fill up with the above goodies.

Step 3: Cut strips of paper to wrap around the candy bars. I used scrapbook paper, make sure it doesn't have a pattern on the back. This was a good way to use up some that I had in a stack and probably wouldn't have picked to actually use in my scrapbook. I cut mine 1.5" by 4".

Step 4: Write silly, heartfelt, or loving messages on the back. Let the kids color pictures or sign their names.

Step 5: Glue the wrapper around the candy bars and assemble basket. I used a hot glue to add just a dab of glue and they stuck really well.

Here are some examples of my sayings:

(For my Husband)
*Good for 1 night off from Dad duties
*Good for 1 fre back rub! Love you!
*Heres to a great Dad who gives baths, makes mac n cheese and coaches little league.
*Happy Fathers Day to a winning coach!
*Thanks for being the greatest Dad to our 3 boys!

(For my Dad)
*Thanks for always making me laugh!
*I am so proud of you and The Red Shed! You Rock!
*Thanks for always watching our for me and bailing me out when needed!
*Thanks for loving my kids as much as I do!
*Thanks for giving great advice. And only when asked!

On the jar of peanuts I used some left over paper to make a label that says "Happy Father's Day from your nutty kids. (On my Dad's I wrote, from your nutty grandkids)

If you look closely in the picture you can see all of my candy bars aren't wrapped yet. That is because my kiddos have yet to write their little love notes and draw their cute little pictures. Only my notes are finished. See I told you it was a last minute gift. But one that I think will be cherished by the recipients.

 A picture of my hubby's treat basket!

Another photo of my dad's treat basket! I used a recycled doughnut box for his. Since we have to take it to him I like that it is all sealed up inside.  


  1. I plan on getting in to that basket, it looks nice!

  2. I bet he loved his treat. I'm going to be a few days late on getting my dad his gift, but he's used to that. :)

  3. LOVE that idea!!! I think I just may have to use that idea next year!

    Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. Totally agree with you :) As long as we're still talking, that's all that matters, right?!