Saturday, January 29, 2011

His and Her Pillowcases

Recently I have started a quest to make my bedroom more romantic, more peaceful, more spalike. I decided it would be a fun little additon to our bed to have His and Her pillowcases. I have seen these in catalogs but decided to make them myself. (of course) When we bought our bedding set that I love, actually I picked it out and my Mom bought it for me, it came with a bed skirt. (of course) Well we have no use for a bedskirt since our mattress sits inside a water bed frame. Yes we have a regular box springs and matress. So I have been using the bed skirt fabric for a couple fun projects. This being one of  them. I cut the lettters out with my cricut. Iron on the fusible web first. Then place on your mat and cut. This fabic is silkier than cotton and did not cut as crisp as the cotton does. (as you can see from the photos)

I used the George cartridge and size 4". I also had to speed up the cutting after the first cut and use about a 4 on pressure. Don't be afraid to play around with settings to get the best cut. Sometimes your machine will suprise you.

I asked my hubby what he thought and he said. "Yeah I like it, now I know where to sleep!" OHHHHHH boy! (rolling my eyes) but I do think he likes it!

And I like it and that is what really counts, right? RIGHT!

(now if he will just give me his blessing to paint that headboard!!!)

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